Sustainability And Legal Support: A Look Into How GoNDA Can Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

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In recent years, there has been a huge drive for individuals and corporations alike to make changes both small and large to become more eco-friendly.

Throughout the month of April there is a strong focus on centering environmental issues, particularly on April 22nd poignantly monikered: Earth Day. Established in 1970, Earth Day is an annual event that brings together millions of people in the States, and globally, to discuss how the individual, the company and the Government can take steps to live more sustainably.

Here at go NDA we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly, sustainable business. Launched in 2021, go NDA, helps hundreds of individuals and professionals access affordable legal support, draft and notarize hundreds of customized documents all while helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are some ways that we can help you, and your business, be more sustainable by simply downloading our mobile app.

Saving Paper

Across the board, many companies are going paperless. This is a huge benefit for the planet and for business. According to a 2003 ALL Associates paper, the average company spends $7,500 per employee, per year, managing paper documents. The problem with paper-based management systems is further examined in a 2005 study by the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance which estimates that costs could be as much as 31 times the purchasing cost of paper, as this includes not only purchase price, but storage, copying, printing and disposal.

Did you know? That 10,000 sheets of paper is the size of an average pine tree – that is approx. 45 feet tall and 8 inches in diameter.

The drafting and creation of legal documents can use tons of paper. For example, a typical Operating Agreement can be 10 to 20 pages long. This is where go NDA can help you.

The go NDA template library holds an extensive collection of legal documents, including sets of documents that have been curated to help you decide what you need. Yes, it’s true, we have curated sets of legal documents to help everyone from Founders to Freelancers and Entrepreneurs as well as documents to help you manage your personal affairs
The best part? This is all held securely and digitally!

The go NDA mobile app offers legal services whilst on the go, at a fraction of the price compared to the average costs of a traditional law firm as we have built our app around a clearly identified pain point. By streamlining the way that legal documents are drafted not only are we helping do our bit for the planet but we are helping you handle your affairs efficiently.

This is the best feature of go NDA; the in-app services mean that you are able to select, and complete documents with built-in templates, e-signature capability and notary services all in one app. 

Ultimately, going paperless is reducing rates of deforestation, guaranteeing data security for you and your clients and saving money by reducing business costs!

Saving Energy

One single sheet of A4 paper uses 10 liters of water and 50 watts of power to produce.

Not only can drafting legal documents use tons of paper, and contribute to an overconsumption of trees, a paper-based management system requires high levels of energy consumption. By using the go NDA app you can reduce your carbon foot print one document at a time!

Using the go NDA app to go paperless helps to reduce C02 (carbon dioxide) emissions, this is important when looking to promote sustainability. Turning one tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 110 lbs of C02 being released into the atmosphere..

Businesses with paper-based management systems may face higher expenses as they need to cover the costs of printing, processing, recycling and disposing of paper documentation. All of which requires the use of apparatus that contributes to increased levels of energy consumption.

It is important to remember that the focus on sustainability during April and encouraging individuals and businesses to develop more eco-friendly practices is central to attracting a modern client base. More and more client’s are choosing business based on whether they are contributing towards a greener, more sustainable planet. 

Saving Time

Here at go NDA we are all about real time usability. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that we have created our app to allow you to customize legal documents in real time. Not only is this user friendly, our real time usability and in app customization will help save you tons of time. And aren’t we all aware of the saying: time is money?

A Forrester study commissioned by DocuSign states that many processes remain manual i.e those that are paper-based. This is seen to be an inefficient model. Manual agreement processes can be detrimental to clients, internal processes and revenue.

Within the study, 32% of respondents reported that manual processes caused abandoned deals and negatively impacted contract completion rates.

Using a paper-based management system will mean that chunks of time, per week, will be spent on resolving issues relating to misfiling, mislabelling or missing items. This is unproductive for business needs as time spent resolving these issues will be counted as costs of labor.

Studies have calculated that it costs approx $20 of labor to file a single paper document. This is not inclusive of labor costs to recover missing documents, or costs to duplicate documents that have been lost. These issues can result in wasted time and blockage of critical communications. This has a wider knock on effect. And so, by saving time with a digital management system in which you can safely send, receive and store documents you are saving time and ultimately saving money.

Visit the go NDA app to learn more about how our Template Library can help you and your business develop eco-friendly businesses practices with real-time usability, directly through your phone.

Small Business, Startup

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