We don’t like paying high level fees, so we launched go NDA – how does our app help you save money?

Small Business, Startup

We have a vision. Our vision is to cut through all the red tape and to prioritize your needs. We champion legal accessibility for everyone. Here at go NDA, we aim to fill the gap that currently exists between accessibility and affordability in the legal sector because we don’t like paying high legal fees and, we know that, neither do you!

What can go NDA offer you?

  •       Are you starting out as a freelancer and want to protect your work and ensure payments?
  •       Are you a business owner seeking to secure funding and determine how your company will operate?
  •       Are you a carer, single mom, or person with disabilities who wants to ensure that their family is looked after should you find yourself incapacitated?


We understand that the law can be overwhelming and frightening and with that in mind, we have compiled a Knowledge Center that provides a clear, concise and complete understanding of essential and miscellaneous legal documents for The Family, The Creative, The Entrepreneur and The Founder. By cutting out time-consuming processes and expensive service fees, we’ve made it easy to protect your ideas, business, and family.

There are legal documents to cover all situations, including The Informalities; the agreements that do not necessarily need to be formal to be valid. The agreements that matter to everyday life, that keep things casual but in writing.

Within our Knowledge Center we explain:

  •       What each type of agreement and/or legal document is.
  •       Why each type of agreement and/or legal document is important.
  •       What should be included in each agreement and/or legal document
  •      Best case uses of each agreement and/or legal document for The Creative, The Entrepreneur and The Founder


The Knowledge Center is designed to make it easier for you to understand the law and how legal agreements can work for your needs. We can help you save time on research and document creation with the go NDA’s vast library of legal templates, including confidentiality agreements and more – all in one place!

Once you have determined what legal document(s) you need, you can head over to our app or our Legal Marketplace. We, at go NDA, value accessible and affordable legal support. Our curated Legal Marketplace has been designed to ensure that you are finding the right legal support, at prices that you can afford.

The go NDA mobile app offers you legal services whilst on the go and at a fraction of the price compared to the average costs of a traditional law firm.

Here at go NDA we are all about real time usability. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that we have created our app to allow for you to customize legal documents in real time. Not only is this user friendly, our real time usability and in app customization will help save you tons of time.

This is the best feature of go NDA; our in-app services mean that you are able to select, and complete documents with built-in templates and e-signature capability, all in one app. In addition, we offer you peace of mind with our in-app notary services, so you’ll always have the choice to certify any document you create and complete within the app.

How can go NDA help you save money?

We know how costly it can be to seek legal advice and we have designed a variety of subscription plans with pricing to fit any budget that allows you to seek legal support at a fraction of the costs of traditional legal counsel.

With go NDA, you can receive and complete documents for free. To gain access to our template library and send documents, you can select the subscription plan that best fits your budget, and needs.

Our app, go NDA, currently offers free and premium subscription models:

Free For Life! 

This subscription plan is perfect for creatives and founders starting their businesses and side hustles. Users can access the right amount of legal templates for free and be able to execute them in one place. All templates can be used as many times as you need them. 

Go Premium!

It’s pretty simple, upgrade your account for $29 a month and access ALL legal templates for your business and family needs. All templates can be used as many times as you need them. 

Go Premium Plus!

By paying for your subscription for the year, users can save almost 50%. The annual subscription is $191. 

Launched in 2021, go NDA, has helped hundreds of individuals and professionals access affordable legal support, draft and complete hundreds of customized documents and in doing so we have made it easy to protect ideas, business, and the family unit.

Here at go NDA, we have created an app that can offer all of this and more! To see how we can help you, our app is now available to download on the App store and Google Play.

Small Business, Startup

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