Can you complete your own parenting agreement without an attorney? Short answer, yes!

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Handling personal, and family, affairs can be very tricky especially when the focus is on children. This is something that we at go NDA, understand and we are here to help you navigate through important legal documents, like a parenting agreement, affordably and efficiently.

Keep reading to see how we can help you draft your own Parenting Agreement without an attorney! 

What Is A Parenting Agreement?

A Parenting Agreement also known as a parenting plan is a written document typically between ex-partners during divorce proceedings.

This agreement outlines child care arrangements following the separation. Creating a Parenting Agreement helps both parties to understand expectations and to alleviate conflict.

It may also be known as custody agreements, co-parenting agreements, or a parenting time arrangement. And no matter that term you use, it can be a useful document to draft even if it is not required by state law during the divorce.

What Should You Have In A Parenting Agreement?

 We, at go NDA, understand that every family is different and because of that no Parenting Agreement will be the same. These are common terms found in Parenting Agreements

  •       Child Custody: This determines where a child, or children, will be primarily living
  •       Child support: The amount and frequency should be included.
  •       Visitation: This should include pick-up and drop-off meeting points and transportation.
  •       Education requirements: Consider where the child(ren)’s school location will be.
  •       Medical Care: Both parties should agree on medical care for the child, to cover for the event of any medical emergencies
  •       Religious upbringing: If applicable
  •       Holidays: There should be terms that encompass rules on holidays and where the child, or children, will be residing. Consider whether this will be time that is split evenly.

Do You Need A Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Agreement is essentially a custody agreements that can encompass all matters relating to the care of the child, or children, between divorcing parties.

It is important to note that without this agreement, decisions made on custody and child support will be made by the courts who are instructed to make decisions that the courts believe will most benefit the child. The decisions made by the courts are binding but may not be suitable for all family arrangements.

Creating a Parenting Agreement is a process made easy with our go NDA mobile app and can encourage clear, direct communication between parties that ultimately will benefit the child, or children, in question. 

Do You Need an Attorney?

No! A Parenting Agreement can be drafted without an attorney.

Once drafted, it can be submitted to the courts and will become legally binding once approved by a judge.

Creating A Parenting Agreement 

The first step to drafting a Parenting Agreement requires clear communication between both parties. With a clear, direct, point of communication between both parties this will allow you to determine what terms you both wish to include in your agreement.

The next step is to download our go NDA mobile app where you can automate your tailored Parenting Agreement from our legal templates with real-time execution.

With the average costs of divorce being listed as $7,500 and an uncontested divorce or one with no major contested issues costs, averaging $4,100, we at go NDA know just how costly it is to access legal services. In cases of disputes over child support, child custody, and alimony raising the average cost of a divorce significantly, creating a Parenting Agreement is a key document that will be beneficial to both parties, and ultimately, the children in the long term.

With our mobile app, we can help you create documents in real time, at an affordable price all through your phone.

We have created our template library with accessibility in mind and go NDA wants to help you make completing legal documents easier. We have curated collections that can help you determine what templates you need from our template sets. Select a template, complete the guided steps, and send it via text message for review and signature. Our real-time usability can help you can get things done efficiently and affordably.

Family Law

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