Prenuptial Agreement: Do You Need One?

Prenuptial Agreements, more commonly known as Prenups, have been heavily reported in the media and it is often a misconception that Prenuptial Agreements are designed to offer financial protection for wealthy individuals. And whilst it is true that Prenuptial Agreements do offer clarity on financial matters, this is not their only purpose.  Let’s start by […]

Why Should Legal Be Affordable?

In 2020, people in the United States spent more on legal fees— spending an average of $155.87 on legal fees per consumer unit, which is an increase from $133.3 spent in the previous year. For many, the cost of seeking legal counsel is the biggest barrier preventing people from seeking crucial legal advice. Legal advice […]

Why Does A Small Business Need A Operating Agreement?

Starting a company can seem a daunting challenge and it is common for business founders to wonder what is necessary, and what is not, when starting their company. An Operating Agreement is a commonly used document with Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and before we look at why this document is important to small business, let’s […]

Essential Documents Every Founder Needs

Are you ready to start a business but are unsure of what documents you need? No need to worry because here at go NDA we can help you draft the necessary legal documents to get your business up and running. Scroll down to find out what documents we consider essential when starting out in business. […]

5 Legal Documents Every Adult Should Prepare

We have compiled 5 legal documents that every adult should have prepared and safely stored. These documents relate to a person’s advanced health directives and other personal documents. Keep reading to find out why these documents are important and how go NDA can help you to draft these legal documents. General Will This is a […]