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goNDA aims to bridge the gap between accessibility and affordability for legal services with real-time usability. By cutting out time-consuming processes and expensive service fees, we’ve made it easy to protect your ideas, business, and family. Save time on research and document creation with our vast library of legal templates, including confidentiality agreements and more – all in one app.

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The best feature of goNDA is being able to select, and complete documents with built-in templates and e-signature capability, all in one app.

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goNDA has in-app notary services, so you'll always have the choice to certify any document you create and complete within the app.

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As a mobile application, goNDA gives you legal services on the go. Not only does it cost a fraction of normal legal costs, it will save you a lot of time.

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goNDA’s Knowledge Center provides you with understanding, and our curated Legal Marketplace make sure you’re finding the right legal support you can afford.

We have pricing to fit any budget.

With goNDA, you can receive and complete documents for free.
To use our template library and send documents, you can select the subscription plan that best fits your budget, and needs.



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Use up to 2 document templates a month.



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Use up to 5 document templates a month.




Unlimited use of document templates.



5 Credits/Month

Use 5 credits at your leisure over 60 days.

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